Business Cooperation

First, the network to join

    1. Joining consultation

       Join Hotline:




  Joining conditions: Have certain logistics and express transportation related experience, have strong economic strength, anti-risk ability and investment management ability, and need to prepare sufficient liquidity.


    2. Apply to join

  Submit application materials


    3. Qualification review

  Whether the audit meets the requirements for joining


    4. Sign the contract

  Sign the franchise contract


    5. Affiliate training

  Conduct business training


    6. Opening audit

  Open the business standard and start the business.


Second, business cooperation


  Our company is full-time engaged in express delivery and logistics services. If you have business needs, please contact us.

  Cooperation hotline:



  Cooperation Process:

    1. Cooperation consultation

  Contact us by phone, consult the required information, and if there is cooperation intention, you can conduct further business negotiations.


    2. Business negotiation

  The two sides will discuss the details of the cooperation in detail and negotiate on the price.


    3. Sign the agreement

  The two sides reached an agreement on cooperation and signed a cooperation agreement.


    4. Business docking

  Cooperation begins and the docking of specific businesses is carried out.